Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ashish Pandey's Testimonial

Since he didn't accept it on orkut, here it is :-

Of course, he is selectively well read and genrally well behaved. That doesn't mean he can't be vicious. Though he keeps it within limts, the limits can be pretty all encompassing. The 'khaanabadosh' from Hindi heartland is a testimony to the joy of depression and the passion of mania. He can sleep well and wake up pretty tired even after hibernation. Wears traditional kurta-pyjama on republic day and looks like the brand ambassador of swadeshi. History is in his blood, and it's bloody history which he likes. Had he been in the India of early 1900s , he would have destroyed the moderation of the moderates. Had he been a Britisher in the India of 1930s, he would have created another Bhagat Singh to assassinate him. Unfortunately, his time came in the democratic chaos of 1980s and he buried himself in books when he learnt to distinguish the alphabet from ants on paper. He once wanted to join the IAS. The UPSC asked him to swear by the constitution. He said he would make a new constitution and make them swear by it . Well, the last incident may not have really happened but does indicate what happens when the vision exceeds the limits of the body. Then Pandey ji sleeps and sleeps. And dreams. And makes the life of those who are on his work-group a little more interesting and a little less pleasant. Laugh at him and he would laugh back at you. Cry and you would have his sneer to accompany you. Now that I have got even, let me say he is intelligent, artistic and good company for a nice long walk with plenty of discussion. Let him know what he really wants and he would excel in it. Let him knock the doors of intuition and they would eb opened for him. Let him build on a dream and it would be transformed into smiling reality. He is the quintessential lost idealist who would lose nothing by working on his idealism and letting the constraints of reality mould it into a shape more suited to the waking-dream. Walk with confidence and stand with strength. Use the darkness to make the light more visible. And make the light your own.

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