Saturday, April 19, 2008


Anahata nada is the infinite ocean of consciousness
of which human consciousness is a minor wave
in psychology dey talk of brain waves
brain waves are electrical in nature with low charge
consciousness too has wave-like character
expansion of consciousness is the purpose of all genuine religions
to get in touch with anahata nada
means to begin the journey of expansion of consciousness
when concentration becomes intense on an inner target
say breath
or an inner mantram
or love
or sometimes due to other reasons
an inner sound is perceived
like the buzzing of bees,
like high tension electric wires
or at advanced stages
like flute, gong-bell, cymbals
and roar of ocean
that is OM
anahata means unstruck
i.e. a sound not produced by any physical means
nada means 'audible vibration'
ven its heard
heard and concentrated upon
it creates tingling sensation in the skull and at the point
between d eyebrows
the sensation soon creates pores
and great pleasure
gr8r than sex, drugs or anything in d wrld
: know that pleasure and all the joys of d world vud look like beggars bowls:
dispassion alone is d weapon
it can happen even vidout meditation/mantra/pranayama
ven a certain amount of dispassion is achieved
anahata manifests its d beginning of yoga
anahata is big and profound and is for strong people
vat do u think made kabir and ramakrishna what dey wer?
what makes mystics what dey r?
remember how we felt ven we were 12-13 and suddenly discovered sex
initialy we doubted ven sb told us about sex
now its commonplace
similarly anahata happens at a particular stage of soul's evolution
for a while imagine urself to be an embryo in a womb
d embryo thinks d womb is d whole universe
but ven d time is ripeit leaves d womb and enters what we call the world
we human beings are like unripe embryos
and this earth with sky covering it is d womb
anahata liberates us from this womb
itz d culmination of human existence
dose who fail to meet anahata while alive die again and again
anahata is the eternal spring of pleasure
it is love in action
it is God in motion
and it is our

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