Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Song

Tell me, O Angel, of the mist stained day,
When oft longed, ever betrayed hopes
And dreams of languid love and joy
Came to me in human garb

The sun shone for me to see you
Language existed for us to talk
And the Big Bang happened
That the two of us may meet
And look together into the vastness of sky

Bliss flowed in my arteries
And Joy became my breath
Love was the elixir that I drank
And your sweetness my food

Too bright you shone for me to see
The pallor that hid in silent crevices
Words unspoken and eyes unmoved
Gave more to hope than to conceal

Fire was the joy that burnt in me
But its flames were soothing
My eyes were ablaze
With cosmic hopes that shone in you

When did the sun set and the dark cast its gloom?
Where went the starry heavens of night
Whence came the blackest night that ate
The very galaxies that find their day in her

Where is the night that hasn’t her day?
Darkness comes to brighten the light
And ever fresh joy emerges from the void
Which devours all that is stale and pallid

Come then, angel, play another harp
And another song on a new note
Show me the Sun that never sets
And plays with night as His wing

Let castle sands merge in desert
And water ripples become the river
We will play another harp
And an eternal Song on a new note
Till pain and Joy marry in Bliss