Friday, April 18, 2008

Lord of death

She moves with me
yet remains hidden in the mists of desires
Her red eyes of wrath are softened with running tears of compassion
All devouring, all- transcending
eternal annihilator of waking-dreams
Her tongue is the flame of time
She roves in funeral grounds
and sleeps with corpses in war-ravaged climes
She dances when earthquakes flatten the earth
and bombs mingle humanity with primeval dusts
she kisses the old sick man on his lonely hospital-bed
or enters the chest of the young soldier with bullets of fury
she conquers all
kings tremble as cringing insects before her
and gods lie supine in their naked shame when she roars
only before the yogin does she bow
and lower her eyes with shame
as he transcends her
not looking back at her cruel charm
He enters the infinite bliss
and death longs for her lord

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