Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kabir - song of the mystic

Gagan Ki Ot Nisana Hai Bhai
Dahine Sur Chandrama Banye
Tin Ke Beech Chipana Hai Bhai
Tan Ki Kaman Surat Ka Raunda
Shabad Baan Le Taana Hai Bhai
Maarat Baan Bidha Tan Hi Tan
Satguru Ka Parwana Hai Bhai
Maaryo Baan Ghav Nahin Tan Me
Jin Laaga Tin Jaana Hai Bhai
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho
Jin Jaana Tin Maana Hai Bhai

Concealed Beyond the Sky is the Target
On the Right is the Sun, Moon is on the Left
Bisecting them it has to be Hidden
Body is the Bow, Consciousness is the Roll of String
Unstruck Sound is the Arrow - Erect and Ready to Take Off
The Arrow is Released Leaving the Body-Instrument Behind
It's the Messenger of the True-Guru
Despite Shooting the Arrow there is no Injury Mark on the Body
Only those who are Struck Experience it
Says Kabir Listen Oh Practicing AspirantThose who Experience Know it

Deep mystic experiences are elucidated in verses such as this. When consciousness becomes centred on the inner subtle vibration, wondrous experiences enfold. This poem has reference to consciously induced NDE, OBE, astral projection, inner vibratory current and the ensuing cosmic voyage. It cannot be interpreted except by experienced practitioners. Others like me can be inspired by it but must not read too much of their own making into it. Only experience can liberate and theory is only hollow conceit of a befuddled intellect.