Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mystic Institute Of Consciousness And Absurdity

What can I stay about an institute where I had the blessed vision of Lord Krishna, where my roommate told me about a previous incarnation when we were fellow-initiates of a mystic order in the upper Himalayas? Where I had visions of angels and ascetics of awesome majesty? Where I thought myself to be the most powerful man in India for a while. Where I enjoyed the choicest of women and the heights of glory. Where I suffered from deep delusions and bizarre fears. Where I hallucinated about a genocide. If I was hallucinating, I would trade millions of mundane human lives for a night of such hallucinations. The Mica I know is "Mystic Institute Of Consciousness and Absurdity". Others know it as 'Mudra Institute Of Communications, Ahmedabad.'

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