Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An empty mind is God's workshop

Escapism! Laziness! Unproductivity! Such are the terms that the most crucial element for all psychic growth is derided with. All the great men who shaped the collective destiny of mankind were men of leisure. No office going clerk could have become a Socrates nor would have a king perpetually preparing his armies to sate his gargantuan land-hunger become the Buddha. The higher subtleties of the human experience cannot be accessed except through freedom from the trammels of drudgery and repititive labor. What is meditation but an effort to bring the mind in a state of voluntary leisure - an open receptivity without clinging to any psychological labor. What made man free from mere animal existence was his erect position and the resultant leisure that the hands got form the labor of walking. The mind busy with material concerns is incapable of attaining insight.
Yet it is a mad rush which is the all-pervading feature of the sick world of today. Mad commercialization and a frontal attack on ecology is threatening to throw humanity in a crisis. Even economically, what the world needs is leisure. If all people were to do only one-third of the work they do at present, three times the present workforce would be required and everybody would be readily employed. Per capita productivity must be lowered to increase employment. This is possible only when human interest rather than monetary or pseudo-economic models decide policy and its implementation.