Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dramatis Personae I

Aakash – Palash 1

Looked like a no-nonsense smuggler or a dogged police chief of a provincial town ; was soft at heart and charmingly traditional with solid family values, a whiz-kid for hunting information on the net, was one of the redeeming three.

Abhishek “Bhatta”- Palash 1

Chotu wisely evaded ragging by coming on the night of freshers. Full of Bengali pride, he was a devotee of Durga and very responsive to the low moods of his friends. Panda called him “Bechu – the seller”. His faffing was crude but effective.

Aman “ Shayar” – Palash 2

Unsure of himself in the beginning and lost in an alien land, his capacity for fantasizing was enormous. With deep emotions that he couldn’t channelize, his fall was poetic with a tinge of absurdity. With an open astral window, he is the protagonist of this story.

Anil “ Gunty” – Palash 2

Deep in his mystic visions, he was a master at deception demanded by mundane concerns. His inner reserves of strength were enormous though the surface betrayed nothing. He went through two emotional journeys of which the second redeemed the first.

Anand “ Bhai” – Palash 3

The wise old man of the batch, he was a soulful singer. Life had tired him a bit though he looked for light in the holes.

Aditya “Adi” – Palash 3

Fond of bihari songs, he hid behind a veneer of casual gestures. Could appreciate hard work. Didn’t reveal much though easy to like.

Anshul – Palash 4

Happy in his masochistic acceptance of life, he was a gifted guitarist. Kept the gospel which he guarded against casual reading. Had learnt the lessons of melancholy. Could be ironical and aloof. Had great depth and hidden beauty.

Anirudh Chaturvedi – Palash 4

Handsome, proud of his lineage and circumspect, loved hindi songs and football. Could be hard-hitting in professionalism. Was searching something without knowing it.

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