Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dramatis Personae-II

Arjun S Ravi – Palash 5

Guitarist, Cool and suave, had a unique gait, pan-Indian. Nice and friendly.

Arvind – Palash 5

Tried to behave younger than his age, had pluck, depth of thought and could be jovial and mean at the same time, had good perception, was caring without being demonstrative.

Venkat – Palash 5

From veteran communist to novice mystic, tallest in the class, DCP, compassionate towards all, had an aura about him, seeds of greatness.

Pandey – Palash 6

Rare depth, novice psychonaut of the peripheral darkness, from the Hindi heartland,
Inclined towards hindutva nationalism, well-read

Mukul “Doggy” – Palash 6

Gentle and charming, disciplined, analytical, had a softer side, a friend to cherish for a lifetime

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