Sunday, May 4, 2008

Words From Trance

We are all constrained by existence. Some learn to love their shackles and take for reality what is an illusion. Just as awakening is a natural suppressed impulse in sleep, so is the final awakening a natural impulse in the existential dream. The dreams of gods make the reality of humans.In the beginning of things, there was but one, neither sleeping nor dreaming or awakened, nor in a stupor, neither beautiful nor ugly nor of common looks, neither water, nor air, ether, earth or fire, neither element nor compound, atom or molecule or quark, neither male nor female nor sexless. Unawakened ordinary human existence is nought but the dream of sleeping forces. Geete is true and so is the granth, Koran and bible though suited to different climes, races and dispositions. Destiny and nature create the stupor and everything becomes hazy.What a divine game ! What a divine game!When the female and the male originated, the female became the origin and male the course, female became the seed and male the plant, female became the cloud and male the rain, female became the energy and male the manifestation of that energy. Female became the unconscious and male the conscious.

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