Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bliss Of Pure Being

The aim of anahata nada meditation is to free consciousness from the bodily cage and progress to increasingly expanding spheres of consciousness until spirit finds its primeval identity as infinite bliss beyond creation. The premise from which this meditational practice springs forth is that consciousness has a wave like character and can be perceived as an audible vibration, reverberating in the skull ( specifically at the point between and slightly above the middle of the two eyebrows) and leading to effulgence. In the Koran, Muhammad experienced a reverberating bell-like vibration before Gabriel revealed the law of God to him. All Indian mystic texts ask the seeker to meditate on Om, which they equate with God. Meditation is not a bodily, intellectual or egoistic endeavour. Rather, meditation begins after the confining walls of body, intellect and ego are transcended.

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