Friday, May 23, 2008


Nishabda looked at the vast expanse of the roaring ocean. His beautiful eyes shone like twin suns, illuminating the universes through their brilliance. The prince was alone on the shore. A distant island of the color of emerald beckoned him. He swam across the shark-infested waters with effortless grace. He found a cave in the island and sat down for his meditation. He knew it won’t be his final merger into cosmic spirit. He had the imprints of karma which would weave waking dreams for a few more earth days. As he sat, firm in his posture, his consciousness rose like a current, up from the sole of his feet, towards the crown of his skull. An expanding, audible current of consciousness engulfed his body and gradually started a spiral, ascending motion, benumbing his feet, calves, thighs and abdominal region. Effulgence appeared when his body had gone numb till the navel. The rising consciousness gave him raptures of incredible bliss in the skull and the effulgence became prominent. Gradually, his entire body went numb till his eyebrows. All his consciousness became centered in the skull. His heartbeat and breath stopped and the mouth of God opened in his medulla. Cosmic consciousness supported his physical body through waves of energy that charged his backbone. He had broken the barrier of breath. Breath had been plucked out of his gross body. He became dead to his body and awake to the great effulgence, the white light that blazed like thousand suns. With the sound of a giant thunder, cosmic consciousness met his individuated being at the point where all the nerves of his brain met, and he left his body, though still connected to it with a silver chord of light. The subtle body of Nishabda traveled through increasingly blessed realms of light and sound, of ineffable beauty and joy. Transcending the last subtle sphere, his subtle body was dissolved and the causal sheath engulfed him. Supreme bliss of being merged him into Her ever-new joy.

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