Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The female reveals the male.

Ever wondered why that xx/xy chromosome creates this dividing wall of gender? The subtle sphere of fertility creates two distinct frameworks for the individuation of consciousness. The opposite reveals its opposite. The male cannot know himself without exploring the female. Nor can the female see herself except through the mirror of the male. Primal consciousness is ever-free of attributes and has no gender or sex. However the visarga which divides everything with its fangs of duality creates the eternal division of sexes.. The female is the mirror through which the male can know himself better and vice versa. You cannot see your own face except through a reflection. You need the other to know what you look like! Indeed when there is no other, there is no I either. Freud talked about the infantile desire to make love to the parent of the opposite sex and consequent jealousy towards the same sex parent. He named it ‘Oedipus complex’ in boys and ‘Electra complex’ in girls. Many have derided him as a mere weaver of fables but some of his theories sprang from deep insight, though limited and only into baser human instincts. Even the Tibetan book of living and dying ( Somgyal Rinpoche) talks about the individuated soul’s ( or ideational body since Buddhism doesn’t talk of a soul per se) longing for the parent of the opposite sex and jealousy for that of same before entering the zygote and determining its sex. Jung went a step further through his archetypes of anima and animus but failed miserably when he blatantly misinterpreted the biblical ‘logos’ or ‘word’ as the male logical faculty. It was the worst misinterpretation of Bible. The logos is the primordial vibration of pure consciousness from which all that exists springs forth.
To return to our topic, pure consciousness is vast, infinite and neither one nor many or fractional. Infinite are the attributes that appear in its sphere of conscious joy without ever having any being. Pure bliss appears to touch myriads of opposites to explore its endless majesty. It is female to know the male,night to know the day, ugliness to know beauty and humble to know the mighty. Yet they are all only momentary appearances. It is what it always was and shall ever be- beyond time and space. Infinite joy of ever-new being.

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