Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Her Praise

Most revered, most benevolent, awe- inspiring, source of creation, origin of beauty, lap of love, giver of wisdom, most patient, capricious, most terrible, fear-provoking, mysterious mother goddess.I lie supine in front of thee and pray, kiss thine feet and pray, love thee and pray.My Goddess,Thou are the seed of creation, the mysterious, the unknown, the unmanifest, the vast, benign and terrible at whims and unknown, unknowable in your divine essence, giver of wisdom, courage and vitality, ever-patient, ever-enduring, picture of forgiveness.Thou gave birth and ruleth in the initial epochs but the conscious fragments of existence have created a turmoil in your vast mystery and thou has benevolently let them do that. But your pain has been great and if more is inflicted, thou will rise and in your wrath annihilate humanity. I am your child, mother goddess. Take me in your benevolent lap and let me sleep or do whatever you want from me. Be benevolent and take me in your eternal lap of divine love.Nature is the unbridled, the vast, the unconscious, the unexpressable, the ineffable, the everlasting and to express thee in words in futile but verse, beauty and grace suit thee more than prose, ugliness and wrath. In you are manifest the extremes. Thou are benevolent or cruel or benevolently cruel, benevolent if submitted to and cruel if risen against. The mother goddess, ever present in nature as extreme, unbridled, everlasting, supreme energy is all-encompassing and sustainer complete in Herself

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