Saturday, June 21, 2008



3 Lakes

3 Valleys

3 Towns

3 Themes

Thematic Excursion

Life is an alpine journey. You need to walk on many craggy paths to reach the lofty heights of wisdom. You get a better view of the peaks of virtue from the valley of sin. Yet the panorama of existence is revealed only at the pinnacle of tranquility. The brook of insight emerges from the glacial snows of contemplation. We invite you to the Himalayas to rejuvenate your spirit under the benevolent glance of nature.

Mystic Odyssey

Troy made heroes of mere mortals but it was his protracted voyage to Ithaca that made Odysseus drink the cup of life to the last drop.
Find your Ithaca with us.

Soul Mountain

Discover yourself in the Himalayas

Lake of wisdom

Gift of Padmasambhava

An evening with Rinpoche, the precious master



Also known as Guru Rinpoche, the precious master, it was Padmasambhava who made Mahayana Buddhism take root in Tibet. Legend has it that he created the lake through meditation- and at Rewalsar waters, his spirit is said to reside in the tiny islands of reed that drift over the waters.

Get an insight into creating lasting changes.

Town of wisdom

Gift of the cow


Get an insight into Indian archetypes

Legend has it that it was here that the phenomenon of a cow, washing a shivlinga with milk that was released on its own accord, occurred.

Touch the soul of India

Lake of Peril

Challenge of Pandavas

A morning with the five princes


Kunt Bhyog

These lakes are associated with the escape of the Pandavas from the burning palace of wax – an episode from the epic, Mahabharata.

Probe Crisis Management

Lake of tranquility

Joy of Parashar

An evening with the sage at

Parashar Lake

With deep blue waters, this beautiful lake is held sacred to the sage Parashar who meditated here. A three-tiered pagoda dedicated to the sage lies by the lake.

Abide in Joy

Learn the art of spontaneous living

Valley of Wisdom

Gift of the musk-deer


The musk-deer is allured by its fragrance when it comes of age and searches for its source frantically without realizing it comes from within. The luxuriant Nargu wildlife sanctuary is home to the musk-deer.

Get an insight into your hidden potential.

Town of Peril

Challenge of the unknown


Amid lush green tea-gardens, explore your subconscious and its effect on your waking existence. Are there any dark shadows lingering in you? See them in the light of introspection and watch them disappear.

Open Johari Window

Enlighten your dark spots

Valley of peril

Challenge of the abyss


Helen Keller was born blind, deaf and dumb. This didn’t prevent her from becoming a distinguished author and thinker. How would you cope with an hour of enforced sensory deprivation?

Discover the light behind the eyes

Transcend your limits

Valley of Tranquility

Joy of Shiva

Bhagsu Nag

An evening with the lord

The universes inhere as blessed ideas in the cosmic mind of the ever-meditating Shiva, the auspicious one.

Get a holistic vision

Broaden your sphere of being

Town of Tranquility

Joy of Rigpa


The ‘Little Lhasa’ reverberates with the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism personified in HH The Dalai Lama. “Bardo” is the ‘moment of becoming’ and “Rigpa”is ‘inherence in being.’

See things as they are

Shed your conditioning


KT The Fool said...


Lucky you to live in such a crazy, beautiful and blessed by the Lord country !

Bhagsu Nag is a power spot.

And I got "reborn" in Mac Leod Ganj in 1997 !

Hari Om

Shanti Shanti Shanti

In Silence...

aman said...


Yes, I live in an eternal country, where the divine and the profane co-exist. Where mystics and rioters swear by the same scriptures ( though the latter never read them).

KT The Fool said...


I definitely love your words !

Yes, India is an eternal country. In my heart the Mother Land. She almost killed me (physically, egostitically for sure !), but in the end gave me so much, that my gratitude towards her is forever...


in Silence...

aman said...


I often dream of myself as a Turkish invader in the early 1200s, leading a battle-hardened brigade towards hapless Delhi. Or I fantasize being a prince who became a Buddhist monk a few centuries before Christ. Or a low-caste peasant who was barred from listening to the Vedic chants. India gives me myriad dreams. Probably they were my reality in a now forgotten lifetime.

aman said...

India is like the third eye of Shiva. Let the world frolic around in peace until its closed. For peace would be a half-forgotten dream once it opens.