Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Priyanka

We couldn’t walk together
for the path was steep and auburn at your side
and I was besotted by the moon’s scent
which took me to the vast expanse
from where your river wasn’t visible

You, young fawn, are playful
yet you eat not the fruit of joy
for thorns have their charm
though blood makes you tremble

The brook of passion is yours’
but its waves are flickering
and dreams vanish with the stars
leaving a lucid memory behind

Kiss the hot lips of passion
but lose not the breath of life
play with the burning candles
only to blow them off in sun

Your wounds are alive in me
and the pain in them rejoices
to find fertile ground for love
which deepens the dark night

Go in tornadoes unfazed
play with fierce tigers
or sleep with wolves
I would not let them touch you
or make you the prey of harm

My fullness is your becoming
the explosion is the thunder
which would make you rainfed
with joy of the infinite


Digvijay said...

beautiful! All-Encompassing Love shall find its Source! Unlucky is the One who lost its radiance!

aman said...
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aman said...

Myriad are the facets of the diamond of existence, to lose love paves the way to gain it. All are blessed in essence. And many arrogant for no accomplishment of theirs. I owe more to Priyanka than I have ever cared to acknowledge. She gave me the bliss of love and the agony of its unfulfillemnt. She prevented me from being degraded to a a living corpse in the market of fast moving lifeless goods. Infinite is the suffering which I would undergo before I become human enough to eat a humble bread , moistened with two tears and a bead of sweat.