Monday, June 23, 2008

My Model

A friend said every seeker follows a model which colors his perception while talking about his experiences. I found much sense in his view . So, here is my rough model, based on the general framework of 'anahata nada' ( cosmic effulgence of consciousness and audible life stream ):-

1.) ‘ Infinite bliss of pure being’ is the great supreme purity of blessed consciousness which is the highest happiness and is beyond all appearances, attributes and individuation of any kind. It’s the true essense of everything that appears to have an individuated existence, from the entire universe to the sun to me and you and the chair on which you are sitting. ‘ The Infinite Bliss of Pure Being’ corresponds with ‘PARAMATMAN’ or the infinite bliss beyond the apparent individuated essence.

2.) The first and primary emanation which appears from the ‘INFINITE BLISS OF PURE BEING’ is the great AUM consciousness from which the great effulgence of pure consciousness appears. This is the effulgence which is experienced by yogis as the brightness of a million suns shining as one. Bliss and the greatest happiness which fills the innermost recesses of being is the primary attribute of this effulgence. The great cosmic symphony described as AUM or the word ( gospel of john/bible), logos( Greek mystics), Udgitha etc. is the ‘AUDIBLE LIFE STREAM’ which emanates from AUM along with the effulgence. This audible life stream too has bliss or the greatest happiness as its primary attribute.The AUM consciousness corresponds with the ATMAN or the apparent individuated essence.

3.) As the AUM consciousness with its sphere of effulgence and audible vibration involutes or descends a bit, the CAUSAL SPHERE ( Karana ) comes into manifestation which too has bliss , though now somewhat individuated as its primary attribute.This corresponds with the sheath or covering of ‘BLISS’( Anandamayi kosha).

4.) With further involution of the AUM consciousness, the SUBTLE SPHERE OF ENERGY(appears from the causal realm. It must be noted that this is conscious energy of divinity and very different from the material energy studied by physicists. Consciousness takes the gross form of energy. This corresponds with the sheaths of pure INTELLIGENCE( Buddhimayi kosha) and pure EMOTION( manomayi kosha).

5.) The involution of the sphere of energy into the GROSS SPHERE OF MATTER( jara) occurrs when energy is transformed into matter. Consciousness appears as apparently lifeless in the form of rocks, earth, fire, physical light, electricity etc..( Its extremely important to remember that the effulgence of AUM experienced in meditation is the light of consciousness with extreme bliss and pure consciousness as its attribute and hence is very different from the physical light, say of sun. Besides the effulgence of AUM doesn’t cast any shadow which physical light does.)

6.) As involution occurrs, the three spheres interact with each-other and exist in tandem with one of them having prominence in its sphere of power rather than as isolated realms. Thus within the earth experience, the gross frequencies appear as the minerals, soil, rocks etc. while the subtle frequencies appear as sentient beings ( birds, fishes, animals etc.) and the more subtle frequencies appear as human beings.

Abridged from 'Reality is Imagined.'


Desika Nadadur | I Am My Own Master said...

Hi Aman,

Nice summary. Thanks for commenting on my blog and giving the same model there. It is very useful for my readers as well.

You have a nice blog with a lot of good information. I will be reading your articles in detail at leisure.


aman said...


Thanks a lot for your encouragement. This is just a modest effort to dive into infinity. The blessed infinite must pull us in. All we can do is to be dispassionate and recipient to the ever-flowing grace.