Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eternal Moment

A moment exists independent of all past; free from all future. Eternal and immutable, it is acausal and without any effect into the future.The linkage between two moments is a delusion created by mental co-ordination. When we profess eternal love to people we can't bear the sight of later, the moment doesn't die; the moment of eternal love. Multitudes have wished eternal love and multitudes would do it. They will all perish and their beloveds merge into nothingness but the smiling moment would ever remain.An eternal moment of eternal love.


Barindranath Chaki said...

Indeed, there is only one Moment, one indivisible Moment. Time is but a continuation of the One Moment.

And, though the Body dies, the Person never dies! It continues through several bodies! The Person is truly eternal — the part of the Eternal, an indivisible part! It exists forever.

Barin Chaki

aman said...

Well, the personality exists till it merges into the blessed impersonal infinite bliss . Even merger is a misnomer because it is always THAT.