Monday, June 29, 2009

Zaahid ne mera

Za’ahid ne mera haasil-e-ima’an nahin dekha
Rukh par teri zulfon ko pareesha’an nahin dekha

( The preacher has not seen the fruit of my love
He is blind to your tresses that caress my face)

Har haal mein bas pesh-e-nazar hai wahi soorat
Mainein kabhi roov-e-shab-hijr’an nahin dekha

(That beloved face has illuminated all my states
The lover’s terror of a night of separation I have never faced)

Aaye the sabhi terah ke jalwe mere aage
Mainein mager ei deed-a-e-haira’an nahin dekha

(All kinds of wonders danced before me
But O my love of bewildered eyes!
Not one engaged my sight)

Kya kya huya hunga’m-e-junoon ye nahin malo’om
Kucch hosh jo aaya to gareba’an nahin dekha

(I known not what all transpired in the ruckus of passion
When I came to my senses, my collar was in shreds)

This is a ghazal by the mystic Asghar. As always, the transcreation in English is not true to the literal meaning though not far from its essence.


Sunshine smoothie said...

good work. but if the translation is not the 'full meaning' do tell us what the import of the ghazal actually he saying that the preacher has not seen the fruit of his love and hence he is blaming him? confused :)
would appreciate it greatly if u could make the meaning of this beautiful poem clearer to me.

Aman Spandan said...
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Aman Spandan said...
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Aman Spandan said...

look, he is saying that the preacher, caught up in his dogmatic orthodoxy, is stranger to love and has no experience of divinity...while the Sufi who only knows love and no religion, is blessed by the soft caresses of the cosmic beloved, the preacher is lost in futile debates and prohibitions